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Meet our Coaching Team


My passion for fitness and health started much later in life. I have been involved in CrossFit for over 8 years, working hard to be the best version of myself and helping others do the same. You'll find Peter in the Gym quite a bit with his daughter, Hannah, and son, Luke working out!


Heather Burgin -Coach

Heather is active in both the CrossFit and Strongman Community. Heather also coaches our CrossFit Kids class where she brings her extensive coaching experience to the next generation of CrossFitters!


Kristen Williams - Coach

You'll typically find Kristen coaching the 9:30 class where she brings her energy and  years of fitness instruction experience to our community. You'll often find Kristen crushing our workouts and cheering everyone on!


Kathryn is certified as a 10 year CrossFit coach, as well as a USA Gymnastics Coach, and CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting. Kathryn's passion and energy for helping people in class is infectious! She believes anyone can do CrossFit and there's something for everyone in a CrossFit community. 

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Brandon Grover - Coach

Brandon has over 10 years experience with CrossFit, many of those years coaching. You will typically find him lifting heavy and having lots of fun at the gym! His keen eye makes him a master at correcting movement patterns!


Adam Cummings - Coach

Adam is constantly working on improving his fitness and you'll often find him working out on the weekends with his wife Caroline. If you need any technique pointers on Olympic Lifts or Gymnastics, Adam is your coach!


Chris Jackson - Coach

In addition to CrossFit, Chris also has extensive experience participating and competing in Strongman. 


Philip Tabor - Coach

Philip has extensive experience in CrossFit and has made a direct impact on the health and fitness of countless individuals with his coaching. Philip's depth of understanding in coaching and helping athletes achieve their fullest potential is amazing!

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