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Kathryn Bledsoe

Kathryn started her CrossFit journey in 2013 in Hawaii after multiple spinal reconstructions. It was a way for her to relearn how to walk, move functionally, and build muscle in ways she was told she never would. Fast Forward about four years where she became infatuated with Olympic weightlifting, especially Mike and Sage Bergener. Surprisingly, Sage lived just down the road from her in Hawaii where Kathryn became one of Sage's athletes and soon part of Mike's Gym. Over the following years, moving back to North Carolina, she continued to work long-distance with the Bergener clan coaching the Junior NC Olympic Weightlifting team as well as competing in her own competitions. At the same time, her passion for gymnastics resurfaced from her childhood as she opened a gymnastics gym.


Many years later, she is now the head coach of the Women's Team at Triumph Gymnastics as well as for multiple high schools- Cary, Athens Drive, Green Hope, and Green Level High School. Certified as a 10 year CrossFit coach, as well as a USA Gymnastics Coach, and CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting, Kathryn's passion for CrossFit comes from a root of functional mobility and reconnecting with the body's need for movement to make life better. She believes anyone can do CrossFit and there's something for everyone in a CrossFit community. Her favorite lift is the Snatch and she loves burpees! But she hates wallballs. 

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