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CrossFit Kids


Our program is designed to teach kids (8-12 years old) new skills in lifting, conditioning, and gymnastics in a fun and safe way. We want the kids to have fun, feel good about themselves, and challenge themselves in new ways.

If your child is 13 and older and wants to try CrossFit, no problem. Just contact us here

What happens in a CrossFit Kids Class?

Our classes are divided into 4 sections and last around 1 hour. We limit our class sizes to 8 

  1. A warm-up designed to get the heart rate up, walk them through a new stretch, and/or reinforce a previously learned skill. Here we bring the kids together and discuss our plan for the day and review what we new skill we learned last week.

  2. Our Skill or Strength portion of class focuses on teaching the fundamentals of a new movement with drills and practice. We may have multiple skills in a single session. For example, we may focus on pull-ups or a particular movement that will be in our conditioning.

  3. Our Conditioning part of class is typically 10-15 minutes long. This is where our kids focus on challenging themselves and getting their sweat on. As coaches, we will focus on making sure each child is moving well.

  4. Closing - At the end of the class we bring the kids together and close a positive note!

When are your classes held?

Classes are held Mondays and Wednesday evenings at 6:45PM. Both classes will have the same workout. We are asking you pick one of those days (either Monday or Wednesday) and try consistently bring your child(ren) to that class. We will work to be flexible!

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